Jun 01 2018
Press Release


The E-sports in Taiwan just passed through the Third Reading of the Legislative Yuan and became a member of the sports industry. Prior to this, the Chinese Taipei E-sports Association (CteSA) was striving for the right to host the 2018 IeSF. After more than six months of application and waiting, it was finally CTeSA officially announced the 2018 IeSF event will be held in southern Taiwan harbor city "Kaohsiung ".

The IeSF E-sports World Championship, which has been held since 2009, is organized by KeSPA Korea. Currently IeSF has 48 member countries in 5 continents including China, Japan, Brazil, etc. Each year, there are different types of events and a global gaming summit GEES (Global Esports Executive Summit) will be held after the event. As a founding member of IeSF, Taiwan has a representative team to participate in the competition every year, and they all get good results.

The IeSF event is a representative of the world's official associations. It is extremely rigorous in terms of bid conditions, including participation in international E-sports activities of the host country's official organization, completeness and practicability of event proposals, experience and strength in e-sports events organized in local cooperatives, whether or not it is an activity supported by the local government, and the completeness and future planning of E-sport promotion of the host country’s official organization in the country.

In the process of CTeSA's submission to become the host country of IeSF, we were supported by the Director of Sports Administration 林德福 and Kaohsiung Mayor 陳菊. They actively wrote a letter of recommendation and provided the experience of Kaohsiung City Government hosting the World Games in 2009. They promised to hold IeSF's annual E-sports event in the same specifications. They will inject the marketing resources of the entire city and fully assist the annual E-sports event.

In October this year, after informing Taiwan that it had entered the final round of the four-nation’s final selection pool, an important CTeSA member will leave for interview in Busan during this week’s IeSF event. During the interview, five members of the IeSF Supervisory Board respectively asked questions on areas such as activity planning, maturity of event experience, site use planning, complete logistics plans, budget preparation, legal conditions, international and foreign policy, and central or local government relations. Finally, the team members made the interview record and submitted it to the IeSF Supervisory Board for a final ruling. At the closing ceremony this year, It was officially declared that Taiwan will be the IeSF 2018 host country. After Taiwan passed the Third Reading, it subsequently won the qualification to host the IeSF 2018. It is undoubtedly a booster for the Taiwanese E-sports industry. The units that have been developing in the E-sports industry and the government agencies that continue to pay attention to the resources have contributed to the growth of E-sports. The next year’s IeSF will attract E-sports teams from 50 countries, and nearly 1,000 players, logistics personnel, and media will participate in the event in Kaohsiung. Apart from bringing more international exchanges and increasing international visibility of Taiwan’s E-sports, IeSF can also promote the development of Kaohsiung local industry, such as the tourism industry, the transportation industry, and the hardware around the E-sports industry.

In terms of industry-academia cooperation, students from nearly 50 high schools and colleges in Taiwan which have cooperation with CTeSA will perform internships and volunteer activities through participation in IeSF to deepen students’ and people’s positive understanding of the entire industry chain that derived from E-sports and understand its link with traditional sports.

The series of IeSF events will be held at the Kaohsiung Arena which can accommodate 15,000 people by the end of 2018. The competition is expected to expand to five categories, including MOBA, FPS, FTG, TCG, SPG and other types. It is also expected to break through the number of 36 countries participating in this year's competition, and 50 countries are expected to participate in the event. The details of the start date, location and competition content of IeSF 2018 will be released later.