Jun 03 2018


In November 2017, after officially becoming the host country of the 2018 10th World E-sports Championship in Busan, the host city of the 9th World E-sports Championship, International E-sports Federation (hereinafter referred to as IESF), Chinese Taipei E-sports Association (hereinafter referred to as CTESA), and Kaohsiung city government finished the three party signing ceremony which was held in Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel on 4/2(Monday).
Colin Webster, the IESF representative, handed the formal official flag to Taiwan. It also indicates that Taiwan will shoulder the heavy responsibility for the World E-sports Championship and will promote the concept of E-sports from Taiwan to the world.

The next day after the press conference, CTESA led the IESF Board members to Kaohsiung Arena where the event was held to do site survey. After the four IESF Board members visited Kaohsiung, they unanimously praised Kaohsiung for being a good place for holding E-sports events. Due to the pleasant weather and beautiful scenery, characteristic and delicious food, and good traffic and municipal construction, it is best suited for large-scale international events. Whether departing from Kaohsiung Zuoying High Speed Rail Station or from Kaohsiung Railway Station to Kaohsiung Arena, it only takes one MRT line to reach it.

When we came to the Kaohsiung Arena venue, in order to provide high quality sports competition for E-sports teams from more than 50 countries which are coming to Taiwan, IESF Board members keep exchange with CTESA for various considerations for holding World E-sports Championship, such as the details of the traffic flow of players, VIPs, and staffs on the main stage venue. Leopold Chung, sub-Secretary General of IESF, also mentioned that the Internet can play a vital role in an E-sports event, so careful arrangements will be needed for the configuration of the line.

The most important thing in the E-sports competition is the line equipment. This event will also work closely with Chunghwa Telecom CHT. In addition to providing national players with special SIM cards and unlimited Internet services, they will also provide all-round communication support using the highest-standardized lines and equipment, and promise to set up dedicated server rooms and special-purpose servos. The system allows the world-class event to maintain the best network status at any time and to reach the fair and just spirit pursued by the sports.

CTESA and TESL have also demonstrated the complete configuration of the event venue, long-term marketing schedule, and the traffic flow for the players, foreign guests, and audiences that we have planned at Kaohsiung Arena, with the experience of hosting various large-scale international events over the years. The plan also made the IESF Event Preparatory Group feel relieved and convinced that it chose to host the historic 10th event in Taiwan.

International E-sports competitions are held at a same high-level specification of traditional sports events. The accommodation for a large number of players from various countries is also a major challenge. CTESA and Kaohsiung City Government will cooperate with 2 to 3 hotels in Kaohsiung to build a complete player village. No matter which country the players come from, they can all enjoy five-star room service and face the game in the best possible condition. Jason Batzonfin, chief of the IESF sports committee, says, “We are not worried about this issue in the Kaohsiung because Kaohsiung has a convenient traffic environment and the player village also provides perfect player service. I believe players can also get enough rest during the event."

At the same time, the player’s meal will cooperate with the Agricultural Department of Kaohsiung City. It will combine the green and friendly restaurants with Kaohsiung's high-quality, small-scale farmers and Kaohsiung's safe local ingredients. Considering the dining characteristics and habits of different countries, we will adopt different cooking methods. According to the needs of E-sports players, customized food dishes are produced. For example, Islamic countries do not eat pork, so the Agriculture Department plans to cooperate with Kaohsiung's local Muslim-certified restaurants to provide catering services that meet various needs.

In addition, we will strengthen the promotion of Taiwan’s local fruits and vegetables for use by guests from all countries. Recently, Kaohsiung's fruits are in hot sale in Japan and Canada, and even Oman in the Middle East have praised Kaohsiung's local fruit. The Director of Agriculture said that "E-sports can also take care of local agriculture, and we must use new thinking to reverse the local economy." Taiwan, which has a reputation as a "fruit kingdom," must of course use the highest quality fruits in the region so that athletes from all over the world can not only enjoy good food but also feel the strength of Taiwan's farming techniques.

E-sports is a new industry that every countries are competing to develop. Kaohsiung has the advantage of sea and air ports, and accumulated many experiences in hosting large-scale international events, from the 2009 World Games, the 2013 Asia-Pacific City Summit, the 2016 Global Harbor City Forum, the 2017 EcoMobility World Festival, Overseas Community Affairs Conference, and the annual meetings of World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce.

“Kaohsiung is an ideal city for international events!” said Colin Webster, representative of the IESF. “This year will be the 10th year of the IESF World E-sports Championship. It will be very significant for the IESF and Taiwan, so this time we will hold this international E-sports event with a higher specification and scale. We also sincerely invite everyone to come in and join us to cheer for the players. We will meet in Kaohsiung on 11/9-11/11!"