Jun 08 2018
Press Release


The 2018 IESF World E-Sports Championship signing ceremony was held today (4/2). Colin Webster, the representative of the International E-Sports Federation (hereinafter referred to as the IESF), granted the official flag to Taiwan. Colin Webster, Chu, Chen, the mayor of the host city Kaohsiung, and Pao-Ching, Zheng, the chairman of Chinese Taipei E-Sports Association (hereinafter referred to as CTESA) jointly completed the signing ceremony. The official game events were announced on the site; besides, representatives of Taiwanese teams were invited to attend and receive the “Crystal Mouse” which represents the e-sports team. It is expected that they will achieve great results on the World E-Sports Championship held in Kaohsiung on November 9th.

The signing ceremony of the 10th IESF World E- Sports ​​Championship kicked off today. Colin Webster, the representative of IESF, Chu, Chen, the mayor of the host city Kaohsiung, and Pao-Ching, Zheng, the chairman of CTESA completed the signing ceremony and announced that the three parties will fully implement the world-class E-Sports tournament and use the largest specifications and momentum to present the strength of Taiwan's E-Sports industry. After the signing ceremony, IESF representative Colin Webster also officially awarded the flag of the conference to Kaohsiung City and CTESA to deliver the heavy responsibility of propagating the E-Sports competition to Taiwan.

At the end of 2017, CTESA and Taiwan E-Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TESL) joined hands to obtain the right to host the 2018 game event on the 9th IESF World E-Sports Committee. Also, Pei-Jing, Xu, vice president of the association, took over the flag of the General Assembly under the attention of all media and member states at the closing ceremony of the global broadcast, declared its determination to hold high-profile events to global E-Sports followers, and shouted “2018 IESF, Welcome to Kaohsiung.” This event will attract hundreds of foreign players to come to Taiwan. Besides, the event will be broadcast in eight languages for three days. Officials and unofficial E-Sports organizations will gather in Kaohsiung.

At the press conference, several heavyweight guests came to the scene. Vice President of the Legislature Chi-Chang, Tsai pinned high hopes on Taiwan’s large-scale E-Sports competition at the end of the year. The three main Cooperation partner of the event: Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom You, Zheng, Chairman of the International Trade Institute of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Zhi-Fang, Huang, and Chairman of ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. Li-Bai, Chen and other co-organizers came to the press conference, too. They also presented their respective industry experiences and forward thinking to become an important puzzle for the complete construction of the event. In addition, this event has reached national key events, so the Sports Administration will also assist in related planning. The multi-sectoral cooperation of industry, government officials, and university symbolizes the unity of the gaming environment and demonstrates the world-class hardware strength, as well as the soft power of executing activities.

Colin Webster, representative of the IESF Director, also announced the categories of game events which will be played on the 10th IESF World Championship at the signing press conference. Whether it’s fighting games, MOBA games, or card games, there are a lot of audiences and excellent players in Taiwan. At the same time, we also invited the famous team leader 4Leaf and the “League of Legends” coach Backstairs as the leader and coach of the Taiwan team. They received the “Crystal Mouse” and “Headphone” from Vice President of the Legislature Chi-Chang, Tsai, and Chief Secretary of the Sports Administration Tzu-Chun, Liu. It symbolized that they took the heavy responsibility for honoring Taiwan and hopes to plate gold for Taiwan in November.

The IESF World E-sports Championship will be held from November 9th to November 11th this year. The “IESF ad-hoc group” was also established at the beginning of the year by the Kaohsiung City Government, CTESA, and TESL. The mayor of Kaohsiung City Chu, Chen led the team of Kaohsiung City to support the planning and the execution of the competition with the World Games specification, and synchronously combined sightseeing and accommodation in Kaohsiung to allow foreign guests and players to fully enjoy the enthusiasm of Kaohsiung City. Since Taiwan has never organized an E-Sports competition with many countries congregating, it will introduce lots of entertainment and musical elements, and invite the Golden Bell Award host, and “Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao” musical heavyweights and singers to gather in Kaohsiung to innovate and enlarge E-Sports energy. Moreover, the harbor city’s image of Kaohsiung will be integrated into the stage to create a high-quality sound and light effect experience, which will make IESF World E-Sports Championship more phenomenal. Tickets for the event are expected to start selling in June. Please pay attention to official news.


The IESF World E-Sports Championship will cooperate with the official media of the host and co-organizers to publish the relevant process. In addition to building the event, a city activities app, and the international official website, IESF will cooperate with the Ministry of Education to introduce language talents from the South Taiwan University to guide all players from all countries in Taiwan. The first world-class E-Sports competition in Taiwan will be held in Kaohsiung. Follow-up news will be updated on the CTESA official fan group and the official website. Please pay close attention to support the 2018 IESF 10th World E-sports Championship.

About IESF International e-Sports Federation
Apart from Taiwan and South Korea, there are currently 48 members including Japan, China, Ukraine, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, and South Africa... etc. Each year, IESF not only selects one of its member countries as the host country, but also has different types of games to participate in each year's event. It will even hold an E-Sports summit to allow all member states including Taiwan to discuss the development of E-Sports and the planning of future events together.

About CTESA Chinese Taipei E-Sports Association
The purpose of the association was to promote the technical level of domestic professional E-Sports campaigns, promote communication between domestic and foreign E-Sports groups, provide health and leisure activities for people, and give play to the spirit of sports. The main goal of CTESA is to become a bridge of communication between E-Sports community and government agencies. CTESA is a founding member of IESF. It has also become an E-Sports association recognized by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee.

About TESL Taiwan E-Sports Co., Ltd
TESL hopes to promote the development of Taiwan’s E-Sports industry chain. Cooperate with schools at all levels to root down the E-Sports industry; take the Kaohsiung E-Sports Stadium as a starting point and expect to spread its stronghold in the country so that E-Sports will become a universal citizen entertainment program; actively cooperate with major domestic brands, and have close contact with foreign E-Sports industry to help players fight for welfare and reach international. Let the world E-Sports stage see Taiwanese players and E-Sports talents.